My dog Boomer is undoubtedly the most famous member to emerge from my family. His TV-watching activities have been viewed by millions worldwide. In March 2007, I uploaded my first to YouTube. It featured Boomer going nuts over the Colbert Report intro:


A few years later in 2010, it was pretty surreal when I saw my living room, television, and dog on a segment of the Colbert Report. The following video shows Boomer watching that segment.


Boomer sadly passed away in January 2012. The same week he passed away, Colbert aired the following segment on his show:

The most famous video

In addition to Boomer’s fame on the Colbert report, he also has racked up nearly 2 million views with the following video of him watching The Planet’s Funniest Animals. This video headlined many “cute animal” websites and also hit the front page of reddit. At it’s popularity peak, it averaged several thousand views a day.


The videos of Boomer have not only provided him with a legacy, but have generated a great deal of ad revenue. The money earned from the videos helped offset many of Boomer’s costly medical bills.

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