My most popular website is a page that just says “NO”

September 15, 2016By Eric RosenWeb 3 Comments

For the past year, I’ve owned It averages 600-700 views per week. Here’s the backstory: About a year ago, I watched the following segment on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. After watching the segment, I was naturally curious to see if this “NO” page actually existed. I googled Interesting Luxembourg facts, and to my … Read More

Free Stuff

September 9, 2016By Eric RosenFree Stuff No Comments

If you have never used any of these services, it makes sense to try them at least once! Why not take advantage of their promotions for first time use? Using my promo-codes not only saves you money, but gives credit to me. It’s one way to earn my respect! LYFT | $50 worth of free … Read More

What is Place?

September 7, 2016By Eric RosenClass Assignments No Comments

This semester, I’m taking a class called “Placelessness.” I’m not entirely sure what it’s about yet, but our first assignment was to define place in a short paper. Below is what I wrote.    Place is such an ambiguous and boundless concept, that it can be quite difficult to define. Depending on the context, place … Read More

My Dog went Viral

September 6, 2016By Eric RosenCool No Comments

My dog Boomer is undoubtedly the most famous member to emerge from my family. His TV-watching activities have been viewed by millions worldwide. In March 2007, I uploaded my first to YouTube. It featured Boomer going nuts over the Colbert Report intro:   A few years later in 2010, it was pretty surreal when I … Read More

Thank You Sevan

March 6, 2016By Eric RosenTributes No Comments

It was truly devastating to find out that Sevan Muradian passed away last week. His death came as an absolute shock. He was only 40 years old. Over the years, Sevan has been a mentor, role model and true friend to me and many others. Since his passing, there have been countless articles and tributes … Read More

What it’s like to meet Magnus Carlsen

September 6, 2015By Eric RosenCool No Comments

Magnus Carlsen made his annual visit to Webster University during the 2015 Sinquefield Cup. For two consecutive days, Magnus visited to play soccer and basketball with the Webster chess team. It wasn’t a bad start to the first week of school! Photo by Irene Sukandar This was my first time seeing Magnus in person. Previously, I … Read More